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Bespoke Couture. Handmade Suits. Luxury Leathers.

At Mojet, where tradition meets innovation, Artisanal techniques blended with modern technology, a perfect combination.

Working like a syndicate, Maison Mojet clockwork precision. Ensures every bespoke creation, is a tailor-made vision.


Layered dynamism is the heartbeat, of Maison Mojet. Like a syndicate of clockwork, each member of our team is a vital piece of the puzzle that comes together to create something truly unique and exceptional. 


Crafting the future Campaign

Crafting the future,
with passion and precision,

MOJET Bespoke Couture
with utmost vision.

The perfect blend
of tradition and modernity,

A bespoke experience,
that's beyond commodity.

Services Bespoke Suits  Wedding Attire Leather Jackets

Love is at the heart of everything we do

Wedding Attire

We understand the significance of important life events, And how the right attire can make a difference, immense. At Mojet Tailoring Maison, we take pride in our global reach and recognition, With bespoke wedding attire commissioned in over 60 countries, celebrating love has been our Mission.

The perfect rendition Starting £2995

Full Bespoke

Up to 80 hours of handwork by our skilled team, On Savile Row & Naples, every tailored garment is a bespoke dream. From the paper pattern to the final fitting, Our commitment to excellence, ever-unrelenting.

Annointed Tailoring Starting £2495

Luxury Leathers

We believe in the Antifragile Vibrancy of our Maison's Bespoke Leather jackets. Our garments are not simply clothing; they are works of art. We believe that Bespoke Leather jackets are a form of self-expression, and we strive to create garments that reflect the unique personality and style of each of our clients.

Flawless Precision Starting £1295

Semi Bespoke

This service allows us to offer a high quality products with attractive pricing, without giving up the fine finishes of Mojet Tailoring. This is our hybrid offering, with 40% handmade craftsmanship, your own individual pattern and swift 14-21 days delivery.


The perfect blend of tradition and modernity, A bespoke experience, that's beyond commodity.