Bespoke Couture
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Hi Legend! I’m Tom Mojet, enjoy this communiqué

My heart and soul lies in the Authenticity of Self-Expression,
in Kindness and unbeatable Enthusiasm,
I don't follow the elitism of The Row,
Or the Hype of Fashion Faux
I'm more of a Maverick,
Humble and true to my craft,
with a spirit that can't be mimicked.

Sartorial Maverick

We are Mojet, a Bespoke Tailoring Maison, Built on love and heritage, a family tradition.

Our foundation laid deep, by a great grand-dad, A lieutenant general, always suited and clad.

Our name inspired by his structured attire, The heart and soul of bespoke, we aim to inspire.

Juxtaposed with elitism, we remain humble and true, Authentic self-expression, the essence of what we do.

Layered dynamism, a team with syndicate precision, Clockwork in motion, a passion for our mission.

Bulletproof partnerships, deep friendships, family values, Serving generations, loyalty our greatest virtue.

From wedding couture to traditional wear, Our garments unique, no two the same to bear.

From 28 measurements, to 80 hours of handwork, Our bespoke suits and leather jackets, with perfection we lurk.

We've made wedding attire, in 60 countries on 5 continents, Honoured to attend celebrations, from Rome to Lagos in intense moments.

Our journey continues, a maverick in this industry, Pushing boundaries with creativity, our legacy.

Join us on this journey, in bespoke we trust, Elevating your personal style, with garments bespoke and just.

Mojet, where tradition meets innovation, Artisanal techniques blended with modern technology, a perfect combination.


Tom Mojet