Bespoke Couture
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The perfect rendition Starting £2995

Full Bespoke

Our artistry begins with up to 28 measurements,
Creating a 2D rendering of your body, with precision.

Up to 80 hours of handwork by our skilled team,
On Savile Row & Naples, every tailored garment is a bespoke dream.

The soul of our garments is woven with care,
By cutters and tailors with the finest of flair.

Each stitch and detail, a mark of their expertise,
Our bespoke tailoring, designed to please.

Crafted with passion, and utmost attention,
Our Bespoke Couture, the perfect rendition.

♪ From the paper pattern to the final fitting,
Our commitment to excellence, ever-unrelenting ♪


♪ At Mojet Tailoring Maison, we believe in bespoke perfection,
Crafting every suit, shirt, or separate with utmost dedication. From measuring and drafting the paper pattern, with care, To hand stitching and finishing, every detail is rare ♪

You'll Cherish

♪ No two bodies are alike, and no two garments are the same, Each bespoke piece, tailored to your unique frame. Our commitment to your satisfaction, is paramount, We see you at least thrice, to ensure every detail counts ♪

♪ Personalization is key, in every bespoke design, Luxury silk linings, cuffs, or a suit that's truly divine. The quality of our tailoring, speaks for itself, Garments that you'll cherish, even after twenty years, and still relish ♪

We are available for our full bespoke service from the heart of Mayfair or worldwide. Want to discuss your ideas?